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Source: Fish and Game NZ

The wait has been worth it and some “outstanding” hunting is in store for game bird hunters when the new season opens this weekend.
There are only hours until the start of what is looking like another exceptional duck hunting season in many areas. Covid-19 has provided many challenges for all of us and Fish & Game have worked hard with the Government to ensure a long-held tradition in New Zealand goes ahead as normally as possible. This required a move to Level 2 and hunters nationwide are celebrating the fact that they can get out there with their family and friends, while taking all the recommended precautions.
“Hunters in some parts of the country checking their ponds are reporting significant numbers of birds, some holding over 500 mallards, and riverbed anglers have also reported seeing large numbers of mallards,” Fish & Game New Zealand Chief Executive Martin Taylor says.
“Season extensions have been granted to give hunters in regions with short game bird seasons the opportunity to harvest some game birds for the table.
The season kicks off this Saturday May 23, with some regions in both North and South islands anticipating their best season for some time.
“Whilst some areas of the North Island are in drought, birds are congregating anywhere there is water and South Island hunters have reported large numbers of birds to their local Fish & Game staff.”
Fish & Game are proud of the high level of hunter compliance in previous years. Rangers and Police will be out on opening weekend and throughout the season ensuring the good record remains intact. Hunters are always reminded to carry their licence and be aware that this year there are changes to the non-toxic shot regulations. Be advised that Police advise any offences under the Wildlife Act involving firearms may affect the “fit and proper person” status of firearms licence holders.
Revised Gazette notices have been approved by the Minister of Conservation. Due to Covid-19 and changes to the season dates, the printed booklets issued for the 2020 season have been replaced with the revised versions on our website:
The Seven Firearm Safety Rules
Rule 1: Treat every firearm as loaded
Rule 2: Always point firearms in a safe direction
Rule 3: Load a firearm only when ready to fire
Rule 4: Identify your target beyond all doubt
Rule 5: Check your firing zone
Rule 6: Store firearms and ammunition safely
Rule 7: Avoid both alcohol and drugs when handling firearms
Hunting under Level 2
– Maintain social distancing from people you don’t know and keep a record of everyone you come in to contact with
– Your hunting group is restricted to 10 people but the smaller the group the better
– Hunt safely in areas that you know and do not pose obvious risk
– Avoid sharing equipment with others
– Be safe in all your interactions as much as you possibly can
– If you are sick or have any symptoms as minor as a runny nose – Stay home
Fish & Game manage trout, salmon and game birds to provide healthy recreation for Kiwis.
We work to protect the environment that anglers and hunters have enjoyed as a tradition for over 150 years.