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Source: Companies Office – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: FMA levies are changing on the Companies Register

The levies are increasing to provide the FMA with the funding it needs to continue promoting and facilitating the development of fair, efficient and transparent financial markets, and to help enact the new financial advice regime.

The Companies Office has the responsibility of collecting these levies, through its registers, on behalf of the FMA.

For a detailed breakdown of the new levies, please see below.

FMA levy changes

All fees are in New Zealand dollars (NZD) and exclude GST.

Service Existing FMA levy FMA levy from 1 July 2020
Company incorporation $9.00 $17.39
Company annual return $9.00 $17.39
Company annual return API $9.00 $17.39
Financial statement filing (under the FMC) $48.00 $60.00

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