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Source: Te Kura – Correspondence School

At Alert Level 2, the wellbeing of our ākonga (students), their whānau (families) and our kaimahi (staff) remains our priority.

For this reason, our Te Kura kaimahi will continue to work from home if possible.

We will not be resuming our face-to-face huinga ako (advisories) and we won’t have ākonga and their whānau or other visitors on Te Kura sites, until further notice.  

Please be assured that we are here to support you.

Te Kura support:

  • Kaiako (teachers) are available online, by email and phone during the school term
  • The Student and Whānau Support team are available to support you with general queries and technical issues with online learning, including during the term break: Phone 0800 65 99 88 or email
  • For our ākonga (students) learning online, your learning programmes continue to be available online 
  • Our service to provide paper-based work to our ākonga (students) who cannot access online learning continues, please be aware that there may be delays in delivery due to the impact of COVID-19.  
  • Huinga ako (advisories) have been moved online where possible
  • We are continuing to support ākonga who need laptop and connectivity assistance but some ākonga might experience delays in receiving their device.
  • For our ākonga (students) and whānau requiring face-to-face support; some kaimahi (staff) will be able to make site visits under Level 2, subject to meeting guidelines. Please see more information below.

Ākonga (students) requiring face-to-face support

Under Level 2 we will resume some of our face-to-face support for those ākonga (students) with additional learning support requirements.

Te Kura teacher aides, additional teachers, kaituitui, liaison teachers and relationship coordinators will be able to carry out site visits. These will only be done if the visit is necessary and with everyone’s consent. There are additional requirements and procedures in place for any visits to ensure everyone’s safety.

If you are one of our ākonga (students) or the supervisor of an ākonga (student) who requires face-to-face support, you will be contacted by a member of your Te Kura team to discuss how to safely manage any necessary site visits. 

If you have questions, please contact your kaimanaaki (learning advisor) or another member of your Te Kura team

Ākonga (students) on Trades Academy, STAR and Gateway courses

Trades Academy ākonga (students) will be advised by their Trades Academy contact when their course will resume on-campus classes. Meanwhile ākonga (students) with online learning in place should continue with this. If any ākonga (students) are unsure about attending physical classes due to health or other issues, please contact and discuss with your kaimanaaki (learning advisor).

Gateway ākonga (students) can resume their work placements if they and their employer are in agreement and their employer can meet Ministry of Health physical distance and hygiene requirements.

We have not been advised of any practical STAR courses starting back yet, but as information is received our STAR catalogues will be updated. Meanwhile there are a number of distance and online opportunities available on our website

Our dual provider partners

Under Level 2, some Te Kura kaimahi (staff) will resume site visits, including our Relationship Coordinators who are your key Te Kura contact.  These visits will only be done if they are necessary, and by prior arrangement with the consent of everyone involved. Our kaimahi will observe the host’s site protocols, as well as following our own school guidelines.

In recognition of the fact that we are only just moving out of Alert Level 3 we will not be running our non-returners process in May.

Please continue with the return of paper-based work processes as under level 4 and level 3, you can find more information in the Dual Provider Help and Information Course in My Te Kura 

Please find further information on the COVID-19 page of this website

He waka eke noa – we are all in this together