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Source: Taxpayers Union

The following can be attributed to Jordan Williams of the Taxpayers’ Union:“For a man who loves horses, he sure loves to beat dead ones. If he really ‘knows who did it’, why is he keeping it secret? It’s fooling no one.””This appeal is set to cost taxpayers yet again – presumably just so Peters can dodge questions during the election campaign. He looks as sad and desperate as another politician I know who also loves appealing court decisions.”“Winston Peters should pay back the hundreds of thousands of pension dollars he’s been double-dipping on. Taking both a taxpayer-funded pension as well as an MP and Ministerial salary is plain wrong. If Peters had an ounce of moral standing he’d have paid the full superannuation amount back.”“When you hold yourself up as the superannuation moral champion, the public had every right to know that he was illegally paid the wrong amount for so long.”“If the shoe was on the other foot, would Peters really care one iota about the privacy of a hypocritical politician? Oh please.”