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Source: Taxpayers Union

The Taxpayers’ Union is concerned that parts of the 2020 Budget suggest this years’ understandably rushed process may have been captured by certain sector interest groups.Union spokesperson Jordan Williams said “There is plenty of evidence of interest group capture resulting in questionable and poor quality items buried in yesterday’s Budget.”“This includes funding boosts for selected industries such as racing, fishing, arts and sports. It is hard to see the need for two new racetracks in the wake of an epidemic. However, the Union was pleased to see this year’s Budget did not limit its largesse to good-looking horses – as the tax dedication announced last year did. That was a discriminatory policy as well as poor policy in general.”“Media outlets, who received over $50 million extra a week ago, have been reassured by the Finance Minister that there is even more funding coming. The Government was clearly moved by the media’s plea at the Epidemic Response Committee that they were ‘not too big to fail but were too important to fail.’”“Failing industries also did well at a time record numbers of small businesses were having to close. KiwiRail got a predictable funding boost despite struggling to operate effectively or justify an extra dollar on a cost benefit measure.”“NZ Post will receive massive Government support despite being described by Minister Shane Jones as ‘no longer financially viable’. The Government tried to justify the subsidy by lauding the work of couriers during lockdown. Under this policy, NZ Post couriers will get taxpayer money, independent couriers will not. Where is the kindness in that?”