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Source: Auckland Council

Families participating in the #WeGotThisNZ Lockdown Challenge have completed over 10,000 missions to date.

“To get to 10,000 missions is a huge achievement and we want to say a huge thank you to all the families who have embraced the lockdown challenge,” says #WeGotThisNZ co-creator and Auckland Council Activation Advisor Jacquelyn Collins.

“When we started the game on day 1 of lockdown level 4, we thought it would be cool to engage 100 teams, so to reach nearly 600 teams, with more than 10,000 missions completed has exceeded all expectations!”

The engaging online scavenger hunt has been running since the morning of lockdown six weeks ago, focusing on helping families having fun at home or when out on a local walk.

Targeted at school-aged children it has been a fantastic way to overcome the boredom of lockdown.

“We knew that parents would be facing a challenging time trying to work and deal with schooling at home,” says Jacquelyn Collins.

“The genesis for the challenge was helping school-aged children deal with being away from their friends and not being able to do the usual things”.

Jacquelyn says the missions were designed to be easy to complete and with minimal fuss or adult supervision.

“It has allowed children to do things independently while having a lot of fun”.

As one participant shared in a feedback post “We have spent a lot of time together as a family … (It) really helped open our eyes to how much stuff we can do at home with what we have”.

People sign up and post their challenge, and then join teams or log their own progress.

“This challenge gave me something to do. I can go against people like my friends and see what they’re doing” said one participant.

Based on the 5 Ways of Well-being it is designed as a fun way that Auckland Council has helped people cope with the lockdown.

But teams haven’t been limited to just the Tāmaki Makaurau region.

The #WeGotThisNZ game has engaged whānau from all over NZ, to stay safe, and to keep busy and active during the lockdown period.

The top ten missions have been:

  1. Bake a Treat
  2. Go on a bear hunt
  3. Balancing act
  4. #WeGotThisNZ
  5. Introduce us to your bubble mates
  6. Pet Therapy
  7. Work from home
  8. Keep active NZ and push play
  9. Game On!
  10. Read a good book.

The #WeGotThisNZ Lockdown Challenge uses the free GooseChase App and requires people to download the app to access the missions.

Get more information and get started with the challenge here.