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Source: Massey University

The map has impressive attention to detail.

What do you do when you are a university student confined to your Halls of Residence? Play video games.

What do you do if you also happen to be studying Creative Media Production at Massey University? You build your Halls of Residence as a map within one of the world’s most popular online games.

What started as an idea by students Cameron Lamont and Will Lorimer was soon a genuine project with more than 10 students and staff working to bring their Wellington-based Halls of Residence to life within Fortnite.

The map is currently being registered with the online video game giant in the hope that past and present residents get to enjoy the experience of playing on the map from wherever they are isolating.

“The attention to detail is impressive. The map has every single resident’s room built, the offices, the common areas, lawns, streets and neighbouring buildings” says Louis Davis, Massey University Residential Life Coordinator. “Oh, and if you find that you recognise the building, it’s the same Halls of Residence where students also made the news for their lockdown rendition of YMCA – and yes, they’ve included the dancing in the map also.”

Find the video promo here:

Every resident’s room has been included.