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Source: SAFE NZ

The Greyhound Racing New Zealand 2019 annual report illustrates that 293 dogs were euthanised in 2019 due to the industry’s failure to rehome them. A further 54 were euthanised at the track due to critical injuries sustained during racing.
Greyhound racing is set to restart today, with races scheduled in Christchurch and Whanganui.
“These dogs are bred and raced for gambling profits, only to be discarded when they’re no longer profitable,” says SAFE Campaigns Manager Marianne Macdonald.
Greyhound racing is legal in only eight countries. Legislation to ban greyhound racing was passed in 2018 in the Australian Capital Territory and Florida, USA.
“The greyhound racing industry is killing almost a dog a day merely for entertainment and gambling profits,” says Macdonald.
“The industry is literally betting on these dogs’ lives. If New Zealand is to truly be a country of animal lovers, the Government needs to ban greyhound racing.”