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Source: University of Waikato

Andrew Napier has become the first in his family to graduate from university, completing a Bachelor of Management Studies with a double major in the unlikely combination of Accounting and Chemistry.

Born in South Auckland’s Otahuhu, Andrew chose to study at the University of Waikato after spending the majority of his youth in Huntly. For him, choosing to stay in the region made sense.

“Having attended the open days, I was attracted to the University of Waikato because of its well-regarded Management School, which is Triple Crown Accredited,” says Andrew.

When discussing his choice to major in accounting and chemistry, which on the surface seems like an unusual pairing, Andrew says it provided him with a balanced outlook.

“When I first started my degree, accounting was to be my profession, while chemistry is my passion. But I realised that both were really my passions, and it didn’t feel right prioritising one over the other,” says Andrew.

“In making the decision, I also anticipated many people would eventually be graduating with accounting and finance, or accounting and economics, so I wanted to stand out from the crowd when it came time to start my career.”

Andrew really enjoyed the campus atmosphere at the University of Waikato, spending plenty of time studying and drinking coffee in the Library and hanging out with friends on the Village Green.

From an academic perspective, there was one paper from each of his majors that stood out to Andrew.

“I really enjoyed the paper Accounting 502: Advance Financial Reporting, as it opened my eyes to different aspects of the business world and was more holistic; it wasn’t just about reporting.

“On the chemistry side, I learnt a lot in the Advanced Inorganic Chemistry paper. It was tough, but I liked having the opportunity to make my own compounds and the freedom around the learning experience.”

After finishing his studies at the end of last year, Andrew took up a short-term contract with Ligar in Hamilton, where he found he was able to put that inorganic chemistry paper straight into practice.

Following that contract, Andrew moved to Auckland this year and started as a Customer Experience Specialist at Xero, where he helps out customers using the Xero platforms.

“Getting the degree was my goal for so long. I’m now looking at what I want to do in the future, but am enjoying where I am, and look forward to establishing myself and getting my name out there.”