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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions

Source: SAFE NZ

Last week a member of ‘The Great NZ Lock Up Mouse Hunt Comp’ Facebook group posted an image of a dead cat that they had caught in a trap. Another member commented on the photo, gloating about the number of cats he had killed since January, which included 25 kittens. SAFE understands the killing of these kittens is now under investigation.
“This group has become a platform to glorify and encourage animal cruelty,” says SAFE CEO Debra Ashton. “It needs to be removed from Facebook.”
The Facebook group was created in late March. Would-be hunters have used the group to brag about the mice and rats they’ve killed while in isolation by posting graphic images of their victims.
“All animals should be treated with dignity and respect,” says Ashton. “This group has become a space for people to gain praise for animal cruelty and it should be shut down.”