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Source: Tertiary Education Commission

Sharing your expertise, resources and tools with other TEOs
If your organisation has expertise in this space which is not reflected below, and you would like to share resources, tools or guidance with TEOs, please let us know via with ‘EDUMIS – organisation name – Resources and advice for teaching online’ in the subject line.
We will continue to update this page as resources, tools and guidance are shared with us.
TEO tools, resources and contacts
New Zealand has considerable expertise in delivering online learning, with some TEOs having a long history in this field. The TEOs below are offering these tools, resources and support to help your organisation transition to online learning.
Please note: We have gathered the resources on this page to make it quicker and easier for you to find information to support your transition to teaching online. While we have made every effort to ensure sources are reputable, inclusion of content does not indicate endorsement from the Tertiary Education Commission.
Open Polytechnic
Offer of support and free iQualify
The Open Polytechnic are offering their learning management system platform iQualify to all TEOs free of charge during the Covid-19 crisis. iQualify is a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) developed by the Open Polytechnic.
The benefits of this approach for organisations engaging in unplanned online delivery (i.e. replacing classroom, lecture, training, or workshop type learning) is having access to easy authoring and publishing tools to help your teachers and trainers deliver day-to-day learning activities and assessments.
iQualify records a range of evidence around assessment and activity outcomes and makes it easy to transition back to existing delivery later. The platform makes it easy to plan and share lessons a day or a week ahead for this use, without the need to pre-author courses, and provides templates and video training to assist teachers and trainers doing this.
In a face-to-face replacement scenario, a teacher or trainer can create and share video, other learning content, and learner activities quickly and easily with nothing but a mobile phone, and can see and respond to learner work in a similar way.
To take up this offer please complete this form. The Open Polytechnic will then set up your organisation with its own iQualify environment and support you to quickly transition your students onto the platform so you can deliver your courses and programmes online.
Once on-board, the Open Polytechnic support team will provide online training to make this transition process as smooth as possible. Alternatively, you can contact the Open Polytechnic’s Commercial Manager, Cameron Turner for more information.
International best practice podcasts
The Open Polytechnic’s Executive Director for Learning Design, Mark Nicholls has made available a wide selection of online learning audio podcasts on industry best practice. In these informative and inspiring podcasts online learning experts share their perspectives and provide an ongoing commentary of ideas that will expand your appreciation of online education.
University of Otago
Adjusting your study habits for learning online (PDF, 130 Kb)The University of Otago has kindly given TEOs permission to use and or adapt this study at home guide.
TANZ eCampus
TANZ eCampus is a 100 percent online learning service platform. Programmes are currently offered on the platform by: Ara Institute of Canterbury; Otago Polytechnic; Universal College of Learning (UCOL); Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT); Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT); Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology and NorthTec.
Hoko is a resource-exchange service designed to help tertiary organisations and individual educators across Aotearoa connect and collaborate as they move towards online delivery.
As a management tool, the Hoko Portfolio Dashboard allows organisations to review their own preparedness for online provision by auditing their digital infrastructure at a course level.
The Hoko Online Learning Resource Exchange enables users to connect, collaborate and share resources with other subject-specialists across Aotearoa. Watch a short video about how the Online Resource Exchange works.
Both individually and in combination, these tools enable a swift transition to high-quality online teaching and learning. Organisations and educators, if would like to be contacted with more information, please complete this form to register your interest.
Tere: A Guide to Moving Online Swiftly
TANZ e-Campus has also developed Tere: A Guide to Moving Online Swiftly. This interactive digital resource supports the development of an online learning environment, helping educators integrate e-learning tools and strategies into their practice efficiently and effectively and preparing learners for the transition to an online learning environment.
Online Resource Repository
TANZ eCampus services a network of LMS-users with access to a digital learning resource repository of over 5,500 quality resources. With an ability to link to standard LMS systems, the repository allows users to search, find and embed resources into their teaching programmes.
In addition, the repository can be configured to allow organisations to establish their own collections, and with our support ensure they meet quality and copyright compliance standards.
To enquire, please complete this form to register your interest and TANZ eCampus will be in touch directly.
Specific support for online teaching in New Zealand
Ako Aotearoa
Ako have summarised available resources, and the activities they use to support educators as they transition to teaching and supporting their learners online and from a distance. All resources are free to access and download.
Resources include:
Peer support
Ako also offer Facebook groups for peer support across the New Zealand’s tertiary sector:
Online Together: NZ Tertiary – for everyone across the tertiary sector looking for peer support in the move to the online environment. Closed group – join to access and participate.
ALNACC Community of Practice – primarily for those focused on foundation level learning, but also those who undertake literacy and numeracy teaching and support.