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Source: Whangarei District Council

This page contains a news story about freedom campers permitted places to stay during COVID-19 Alert Level 3.

Updated: 28/04/2020 5:53 p.m.

​Northland freedom campers currently waiting out Covid 19 lockdown at one of four central Whangārei freedom camping sites will find life at Level 3 looks very similar to Level 4. Restrictions on movement remain the same, with only one minor concession to the free-ranging lifestyle they enjoy.

“While campers are required to stay at their lockdown site unless sourcing necessary supplies, seeking medical help, visiting the dump station or driving to an airport to leave, like the rest of us, under Level 3 they may now drive a short distance to engage in permitted exercise activities,” says Reiner Mussle, WDC Manager Health and Bylaws.

“However, as with everyone else, they must then return to their designated self isolating site.”

Freedom campers from around Northland were moved to central Whangārei city carparks at Pohe Island Road and Ewing Road in the first week of Level 4 restrictions.

“Some were stranded tourists while others were New Zealanders living in their vehicles full time for one reason or another,” Reiner Mussle says.

“They joined freedom campers already waiting out lockdown at the central city Reyburn Lane and Cobham Oval carparks, the four sites now being the only places freedom campers may stay in Northland until lockdown is over, unless they are at a commercial campground.”

The decision to move Northland’s freedom campers to these sites was made in collaboration with the Northland Police and Northland District Health Board. Many of these campers have now left the country, with a core group of just under 40 remaining.

“We needed to centralise them to ensure they could self isolate, have their welfare monitored and access medical help and essential supplies easily and effectively,” Reiner Mussle says.

“They are comfortable and safe at these sites, although I am sure they will now enjoy being able to drive a little beyond their lockdown site to exercise.”

For further details please see our page about freedom camping.

Freedom camping site by the Hatea River