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Source: Auckland Council

Aucklanders have done an incredible job over the past four weeks during the lockdown.

Our roads have been quiet, we’ve seen people enjoying their local neighbourhood by bike or on foot, making these small journeys safely in their bubbles.

Public transport has operated throughout the lockdown to help essential workers get to where they need to be and help those needing to make trips to the supermarket or healthcare services.

Next week, as we enter Alert Level 3, much of this will continue.

We are expecting to see more people using public transport and driving from Tuesday.

On buses, trains, ferries, and in our facilities, we have upped our cleaning and disinfectant regimes to make sure our services are as safe for you as they can be.

Our drivers, transport operators, and other staff working on our network, all have PPE and we thank them for their amazing work so far in such challenging times.

We will keep doing all we can so you can catch the bus, train or ferry with confidence.

We do ask though that you unite with us to keep everyone safe. Please try and limit your journeys to essential trips if you can, and if you are unwell, stay home.

Please physical distance when you catch public transport. Download the AT Mobile App and tag onto services with your AT HOP card. The app will show you how busy a bus or train service will be so you can make an informed decision about getting on or waiting for the next one.

Using your AT HOP card updates the app, so support others to make their own choice by tagging on and off.

As more businesses open, freight starts moving and construction restarts next week, inevitably there will be more vehicles on our roads.

Lots of people will still be working from home in their bubbles, and many children will still be home. We are expecting to still see many people walking and cycling in their neighbourhoods and we are delivering a number of emergency cycleways around the region.

We ask everyone, whether you are driving, walking or riding a bike, to be mindful that our streets will be busier. We ask everyone to take care and give each other plenty of space.

Drivers, you’ll have noticed that in the past few weeks younger children have been practising riding their bikes with their families on quiet streets. Be kind and give them room.

There will be more traffic, and even though it will still be quieter than before the lockdown, there is no excuse for breaking the road rules.

To those of you making the most of walking and cycling, please stick to your bubbles and remember there will be more cars on the road.

AT will keep doing everything it can to ensure easy and safe journeys around our region throughout Level 3, but we can’t do it without you. Please unite with us, be kind, and look after other Aucklanders on our network.

Lastly, I would like to extend my well wishes to everybody commemorating ANZAC Day this weekend. While circumstances prevent us from gathering together, it is a privilege to be a part of a New Zealand that gathers in solidarity, spirit and kindness.