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Source: NZ Compare

Overnight research from Opinion Compare reveals we’re a nation hungry for a take-away. A nationally representative survey of n=754 New Zealanders 18+ conducted on the 23rd of April asked the likelihood of ordering take-away food when Level 3 restrictions start, with 54% of the population stating their intention. Those starving for the comfort of take-away are most likely to be aged 25-34 (71%) or living in the Bay of Plenty area (72%)
And at the top of the menu when asked to prioritise which one take-away people will order – pizza tops the list, followed by KFC
Table: Which ONE take-away food are you most likely to order?
Something else 12%
McDonalds 10%
Burgers 10%
Other Fast Food 9%
Chinese 5%
Burger King 4%
Turkish 2%
Italian 1%
Vietnamese 1%
There are differences based on where we live. In Canterbury, it’s McDonalds that’s number one, whereas residents in Manawatu/Whanganui are wanting KFC. Wellington residents see Thai as number one whereas Auckland, 28% want pizza.
Gavin Male, CEO of Opinion Compare, said “Our previous research showed the increase in home cooking, the frustration of lack of pantry items in the supermarket so it’s no surprise that we’re salivating at the thought of take-away food. Last week we saw that Kiwis in lockdown had saved money recently, so seems like they’re wanting to spend their dough – on dough”
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