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Source: New Zealand Parliament

24 April 2020

The Transport and Infrastructure Committee is calling for submissions on the Regulatory Systems (Transport) Amendment Bill.

The bill is a vehicle for small regulatory fixes that are intended to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the regulatory system for transport. It intends to achieve this by:

  • addressing duplication, gaps, errors, and inconsistencies in transport legislation
  • ensuring regulators are able to keep the regulatory system up to date and relevant
  • removing unnecessary compliance costs.

The bill would enable land and maritime transport Rules, through the usual Rule making process, to include transport instruments. A specified person, which could be the New Zealand Transport Agency or the Director of Land Transport (a role that would be established by the Land Transport (NZTA) Legislation Amendment Bill), or the Maritime Transport Authority or Director of Maritime Transport, could then establish and maintain the transport instrument. Examples of what a transport instrument could do include listing standards, controlling activities, setting requirements, procedures, or means of compliance.

The bill would also clarify powers of exemption from secondary legislation (including the revocation of exemptions) and make amendments to other minor regulatory stewardship matters.

These amendments would not justify standalone bills, but are more significant than amendments generally included in a statutes amendment bill. The bill is part of a series of activities described in the Transport Regulatory Stewardship Plan for 2019 – 22, which aim to support the regulatory system for transport.

Some of the changes in the bill complement changes being made in the Land Transport (NZTA) Legislation Amendment Bill, which is also being considered by the Transport and Infrastructure Committee.

Tell the Transport and Infrastructure Committee what you think

Make a submission on the bill by midnight on 1 June 2020.

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