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Source: Eastern Institute of Technology – Tairāwhiti

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4 mins ago

  • There were 23 people in total identified as close or casual contacts at EIT Hawke’s Bay. All contacts were contacted by the public health team at the HBDHB later that afternoon on the 8th of April.   5 of the 23 contacts reported having symptoms and underwent testing.  Test results for all 5 people were negative for COVID-19.

  • For all others that were not identified as a contact, the advice was and continues to be, for anyone who was at the EIT Hawke’s Bay Campus 23 and 24 March, during working hours, and has been unwell with a cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, a runny nose or loss of smell should contact their GP or Healthline so an appointment can be made for them to be assessed at a community-based assessment centre.
  • Following this advice a couple of other people underwent testing. Their test results were also negative.
  • There has been no further spread from the initial case.
  • EIT’s Incident Control team have reflected on this case, and have some key learnings

(1) All suspected and confirmed cases are reported to Dick Hilton or Hannah Portas immediately. Dick Hilton or Hannah Portas.

(2) The lead agency for dealing with these matters is the Ministry of Health. For that reason, we are guided by them, their processes, and what information we can share with you.