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Source: Taxpayers Union

The Taxpayers’ Union is calling on MPs to back a bill put forward by ACT MP David Seymour which would see their pay cut by 20% for the 12 week duration of the Government’s wage subsidy programme, but says that it should go much further in preventing the annual pay hikes and extend to local body politicians.“It’s good that MPs are thinking about sharing the burden with taxpayers,” says Islay Aitchison, spokesperson for the Taxpayers’ Union. “But to be fair, pay cuts in the public sector must be more widespread, and more lasting — like those in the private sector.””Our campaign calling for a 12-month 20% cut in pay for MPs, top local government officials, and senior bureaucrats is gaining momentum. Today’s unemployment projections show just how badly the private sector is hurting, with job losses set to easily eclipse those seen in the 2008 financial crisis.”“Last year we published a ‘rich list’ showing the average salary for a public sector CEO is $443,000.  Meanwhile, private sector bosses who don’t enjoy the job security of the public sector are taking massive financial haircuts. It is only fair that the government sector minimises its own costs, which are ultimately borne by private sector taxpayers.”A petition calling for a 20% pay cut for MPs, top bureaucrats, and local body elected members, can be signed at