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Source: Greenpeace New Zealand

As we deal with the Covid coronavirus lockdown, lots of us are working from home. To keep in touch with our colleagues, many of us are spending a lot of time on Zoom meetings as a result.

It’s challenging in lots of ways, but one thing that can be a bit awkward is the clothes rack of underwear in the background, or the old Duran Duran poster adorning the bedroom wall.

One trick to make your video calls more interesting and to block out any unwanted indoor scenes from your makeshift home office is custom Zoom backgrounds!

Here’s some images from the Greenpeace photo library which you can use to pimp your Zoom. Enjoy!

Click on the Zoom background image you want, then ‘right click‘ and choose ‘Save Image As’.

1. Underwater coral garden

Batfish swim over coral gardens in the early morning light at Kanawa Island near Flores, Indonesia. The island is located in the Komodo National Park.

2. Amazon rainforest river

River and rainforest. Amazon, Brazil

3. Wind turbines

Wind turbines in Tromsø, Norway at sunrise taken from the Greenpeace ship Esperanza. Clean renewable energy is the future!

4. Orca swimming in New Zealand

Orca whales off North Island, New Zealand.

5. Polar bear up close and personal

A collared polar bear looks up at the camera. The collar has a GPS tracker installed by scientists to track the polar bear’s movements.

6. Puffins in the foreground

The Shiant Isles are home to large populations of seabirds, including thousands of Puffins, Guillemots and Razorbills found on the cree slopes of the island Garbh Eilean.

7. Reflections of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise

Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise in water reflection.

8. Icebergs in the Antarctic

Icebergs in Charlotte Bay, Antarctic Peninsula. Greenpeace is conducting scientific research and documenting the Antarctic’s unique wildlife, to strengthen the proposal to create the largest protected area on the planet, an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary.

9. Protect the Antarctic iceberg projection

Greenpeace is on a three-month expedition to the Antarctic to carry out scientific research, including seafloor submarine dives and sampling for plastic pollution, to highlight the urgent need for the creation of a 1.8 million square kilometre Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary to safeguard species like whales and penguins.

10. The Rainbow Warrior arriving in the Waitemata

Aerial of the Rainbow Warrior entering the Hauraki Gulf, with Rangitoto in the background

11. Humpback whale in the Pacific

Humpback whales, enjoy the warm waters of the Pacific ocean, Tonga.

12. The Rainbow Warrior arrives in Wellington

The Rainbow Warrior arrives in Wellington. The Greenpeace ship has spent the last few weeks visiting ports around the country.

13. Captain Hettie Geenen on the bridge of the Rainbow Warrior

Captain Hettie Geenen directs the deckhands from the bridge of the Rainbow Warrior III.