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Source: Auckland Council

As week three of the alert level 4 lockdown begins, we’ve pulled together some of the key information you need to know this weekend.

While traditionally Easter is a time for friends and family, this year things are different. We’re asking Aucklanders to continue to follow government advice: stay home, stay local and save lives.  

Easter – stay at home

Aucklanders with baches or second homes should avoid the temptation to travel this weekend and instead remain at home. This ensures added strain isn’t placed on essential services and infrastructure in small communities and that government advice around travel is followed. Police checkpoints are in place throughout the Easter weekend to ensure compliance.  


Auckland has had settled weather for a long time.  But autumn can often bring increased wind and rain and that is possible this Easter weekend.  

So take the opportunity to get prepared should bad weather hit.  Tie down or bring indoors outdoor furniture, clear your drains, make sure you’ve got torches and batteries.  Normally we’d say check gutters and trim trees, however, in level 4 lockdown only do this if there’s no risk to your safety and you are keeping within your bubble.  

Essential food supplies are already part of lockdown but remember to put drinking water aside.  

Auckland Emergency Management has some simple tips for making your place storm-ready:  

  • Be prepared – pay attention to weather forecasts and prepare yourself before the storm hits
  • If it is safe to do so – clear gutters and drains on your property, check trees for weak branches and bring the cat/dog/rabbit (or any other pets) inside
  • Have torches and batteries, a full gas bottle for your bbq and a battery-operated radio ready if the power goes out
  • If you need power to pump water or operate septic systems, have an alternate plan in place if the power goes out
  • If it is isolated where you live or you may get cut off, make sure you’ve got everything you need to keep going for a day or two
  • Phone your neighbours, especially those that are elderly or vulnerable and if you can’t help, alert emergency services
  • If your property is at risk or your life is in danger, always dial 111 immediately
  • Report fallen trees, blocked drains or debris on public property to Auckland Council on 09 301 0101. (These services continue during COVID-19 as part of the council’s limited essential services role).

Emergency welfare parcels

Aucklanders with no access to other support networks, such as friends and family, and who are unable to afford groceries or are in self-isolation can call Auckland Emergency Management on 0800 22 22 96 between 7am and 7pm, seven days a week.  Phone lines are open throughout the Easter weekend. 

Anyone who meets the government’s eligibility criteria will be couriered a welfare parcel containing items such as dry goods including pasta and rice, tinned vegetables and meats and basic toiletries. 


Embedded within Auckland Emergency Management, Pouwhakarae is leading engagement with our Māori communities for all issues related to COVID-19.  All information requests from whānau, iwi, hapū, marae, and Māori can be sent to 

Easter – Good Friday closures

Supermarkets will be closed on Good Friday but are able to trade on Easter Sunday – check your local supermarket for opening hours.  The advice around supermarket shopping remains the same – stay calm, don’t panic buy, use a shopping list and purchase only what’s needed. 

Aucklanders should check the Easter opening hours of their local pharmacy – like supermarkets, they are able to trade on Easter Sunday. 

Waste collections

Kerbside rubbish, recycling and food scrap collections continue throughout alert level 4 as they are considered an essential service; however, due to the Easter public holiday, all collections next week will be made a day later than usual. Please follow our advice to ensure your kerbside collection is picked up.


 Aucklanders can exercise outside, provided it is local and two-metre physical distancing is maintained.  Playgrounds, skate parks, tennis and basketball courts remain off limits, with the government’s revised Health Notice also placing fishing, swimming, surfing, recreational boating, hunting and tramping on the list of banned activities at alert level 4. Any activity that is dangerous or may require search and rescue services must be avoided.  

Street or driveway parties (new advice)

Street parties are not recommended as there’s always a risk of things going wrong. The same rules apply here about keeping your distance and please be kind to everyone including your neighbours.  Have fun, but stay in your bubble!  

Auckland Council services

During the level 4 lockdown, council is operating essential services only.  Details of the status of our services is available here. To report urgent issues, council phone lines (09 301 0101) are operating as usual over the Easter period.