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Source: Whangarei District Council

This page contains a news story about rubbish and recycling collections during the 2020 COVID-19 lock-down and at Easter time.

Updated: 8/04/2020 11:45 a.m.

Easter 2020 Update

There will be no rubbish collection Good Friday (April 10), that will happen on Saturday (April 11) instead. Monday’s collection will happen as usual. 

Rubbish Collection Continues

​Whangārei’s rubbish and recycling collections are continuing as they were in pre-lockdown days says Solid Waste Manager David Lindsay. 

“The only difference is that our transfer stations are closed and collectors are starting a bit earlier than usual, so we can get them home before dark.”

He said all recycling, including glass, paper and cardboard, continued to be collected in Whangārei before being sent to Auckland.

“Our recycling is seen as a premium product there because it is sorted by our residents before we pick it up, and we keep different things separate from each other. That means there is no co-mingling, there is no glass or food in the card and paper and that keeps it clean. 

“Glass from our District is still considered a premium product too, again, because it is collected separately from the other recyclables so it is easy and clean to process. 

“Although we aren’t separating out the different colours at the kerb, because handling the bottles is risky from a health perspective at the moment, the recycling company has got a machine that does it, so they still want it, especially with other glass streams drying up.” 

Mr Lindsay said thanks to everyone who has helped to look after our rubbish collectors during the first week of the lock down. 

“Double bagging tissues and wipes, remembering to wrap any sharp things well, and sorting the recycling and getting the rubbish out early

has made things much safer for our teams. Every small effort that one person makes helps keep us all well so we can keep the systems that look after our  District going as normally as possible.”