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Source: Opinion Compare

As we enter Week 2 of the Level 4 Lockdown, overnight research from Opinion Compare reveals that there’s been little change in how we’re feeling about Covid-19 and the future. A nationally representative survey of n=790 New Zealanders 18+ conducted on the 1st of April identified a week later, concerns remained relatively consistent.
– In Week 1, 13% were extremely worried about the lockdown – whereas one week later, that percentage remained similar at 12%
– Asked about their personal finances, 20% told us they were extremely worried about their personal finances during the Covid-19 pandemic during Week 1, 16% nominated they had the same level of worry
And our initial concerns in Week 1 appear to be easing – while half the population believe they will at some stage catch the virus, concerns around the lockdown period have dropped.
Table 1: Concerns During Lockdown Period (attached)
Jacinda Arden’s performance during the crisis continues to be widely praised. In March, on scale of 1-7, where 1 is poor and 7 is excellent, 48% of the New Zealand population rated her handling as excellent. Overnight, this increased to 69%. And her decision to close supermarkets on Good Friday but open on Easter Sunday was largely well received. 68% agreed with the Government decision
The nations plan for lockdown is also starting to come to fruition. In Week 1, we asked what Kiwis were planning on doing and then followed up to see what they did do in the past 7 days (Table 2 attached)
A Window into Lockdown
If you’re social distancing while exercising outside, you might want to check your neighbour’s windows as 32% of the population stated they have been inspired by the bear hunt and placed a teddy bear in their window, while 23% have been looking for bears by themselves or with family. And if you see a person in the window, they might be checking up on you – 86% of the population aware of the website, with 66% saying they would use it to report to Police online either suspected COVID-19 Level 4 isolation breaches, or businesses you suspect are breaching the essential services rule.
Gavin Male, CEO of Opinion Compare, said “when you look at these results and how the New Zealand population is treating and coping with the pandemic compared to what we’re witnessing globally, you get a real sense of pride in this country. There’s obviously been implications and will continue to be, but this should be encouraging that we’re a) coping and b) sticking to the rules and our own plans. To coin a well-known Kiwi phrase, it very much seems that the nation thinks – She’ll be right!”
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