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Source: First Union

“Be kind to supermarket workers this Easter” is the message to Government from the union representing supermarket staff.
“We make this call as the Government considers whether or not supermarkets should be open on Easter Friday and Sunday this year,” said Tali Williams, FIRST Union Secretary for Retail, Finance and Commerce.
“The Prime Minister said late last week that the Government was considering options regarding supermarket trading over this period, and our members have a strong view that they should not open.”
“Under current laws, Good Friday is a non-trading day as is Easter Sunday for most of the country, including in most large cities. Some regional areas are able to open on Easter Sunday to meet the tourist market’s demand but plainly that market does not exist at present.”
“There is no justifiable argument that supermarkets have to be open every single day during the level 4 lockdown. In fact, every day they are closed lessens the possible spread of the Covid-19 virus, and shopping is able to occur on both sides of the closures of supermarkets over Easter.”
“There is also a very real need for supermarkets to thoroughly clean and restock – it should be mandatory for supermarkets to deep clean and disinfect their premises over these two days. The time could also be used to complete the installation of perspex barriers in appropriate areas and rearrange some supermarkets to make them safer for their workers and the public.”
“A current poll on the Facebook page that FIRST Union hosts for supermarket workers is showing that 94% of respondents want the supermarkets to close for Easter.”
“Supermarket workers tell us that they are simply exhausted from the panic buying period before the lockdown and the continuation of a busy period since.”
“Many have indicated that even if the supermarkets open, they will stay home with their families to rest, which is their legal right.”
“In her own words, we say to the Prime Minister: ‘be kind’.”