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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 27 March 2020 – Negotiations are impossible when an industry is monopolized, with the disadvantaged majority having no power over the industry giants.

According to Newzoo’s Global Games Report 2019, global games industry had a revenue of $148.8 billion, an increase of 7.2% from the previous year. Mobile games take up the largest market segment, with 45% market share.

The rapid development of various gaming market segments has fuelled the continued rise of the gaming market. According to the Global E-Sports Market Report 2020, global e-sports viewers will increase to 495 million in 2020, a 11.7% year-on-year increase. Bringing the e-sports market to exceed the $1 billion mark for the first time in year 2020.

In the gaming industry, almost all professional gamers, white hat hackers, and developers await a much-needed disrupter to break the monopoly and provide more choices and competition for industry practitioners.

The emergence of DAGE, creator of the wealth transformation gaming platform, meets the needs of the gaming industry. DAGE is also becoming the fuse for the gaming industry to break the status quo.

Revolution of the Gaming Practitioners, Opening Doors to New Markets

In 2017, the global legal gaming market reached USD 536 billion in valuation. This includes USD 40 billion from online gambling, and is expected to grow to USD 82.7 billion by 2022.

The gaming industry faces many challenges in the market. The utilization of gamer achievements; unfair income distribution; ambiguous ecosystems, structure; monopoly control by giants, grey markets caused by industry issues; and other issues have severely restricted the development of the gaming industry.

The Decentralized Anonymous Gamification Exchange DAGE created DAGE DApp marketplace, DAGE exchange, DAGE community (DID), DAGE facility & global SIM, DAGE OTC mining, Proof-of-Game (POG), and DAGE’s Tokens (DID Reward, DGC & DGT). These core pillars facilitate and empower the disadvantaged against industry giants and allow market participants to support projects and witness their development.

DAGE has upended the long-standing balance and open the door to an undiscovered and untapped market in the gaming industry. A gaming revolution has begun.

DAGE provides not only support for practitioners to break the status quo, but also provides many benefits for its users. With the value appreciation of DAGE Coin (DGC) and earn referral rewards by inviting new users. DAGE Identity (DID) is the anonymous identity for DAGE community. It is permanent, anonymous, and unique. DIDs will continuously be synchronized and updated with dynamic data on the distributed network.

Mobile Game Is Leading A New Gaming Industry Wave

With increasing usage of smart terminals, the mobile gaming industry has grown tremendously. With the current technological trend, mobile games will drown out other game’s market share and DAGE is about to revolutionise the mobile game market.

Unlike the traditional game industry, DAGE Ecosystem is a platform that will end the monopolization of industry giants. On this platform, game developers can devote themselves fully without worrying about any disturbances and full control on developing their game. DID who participation in the development will also further establish ownership sensing, promoting the game through private domain and exposing the game efficiently.

DID can enjoy games and earn profit through OTC Mining. OTC mining provides daily income up to a total of 9% profit monthly. With the increase of DIDs, DAGE will initiate a token burning mechanism through repurchase and increase the value of DGC. DGC may appreciate up to thousands of times in value. DID can also gain profit through games. There are many dividends available such as advertising and game revenue to be shared. This will completely revolutionise the market, allowing players to gain profits by playing games instead of the spend and play.

DAGE Rapidly Develops the Global Gaming Industry

Biggest obstacle facing by all industry is the circulation of different fiat currencies, especially gaming industry. It is crucial to have high consensus system, wide circulation, and impeccable trust.

DAGE, as platform provider, will launch a token circulation system comprising DGC and DGT. The scarcity of 2.1 billion DGC and split into 3,5000 blocks.

DAGE Gaming Token (DGT) is the stable coin and is pegged to a 1:1 ratio with US dollar. DGT has entered the ERC20 network. DGT act as the In-game currency in DApp marketplace, to participate in OTC Mining, register new DID, and transact among other DIDs.

Developers can now replace fiat payment system with DGC & DGT and allow tokens to be circulated in DApp marketplace. DID may withdraw their DGT tokens through the DAGE OTC, earning real profits and facilitating the growth of a new token distribution system.

To further improve DAGE security and protect DID’s privacy, DAGE has collaborated with multiple top global device suppliers to establish the DAGE network facility. This promotes global connectivity, allowing DIDs around the world to access the DAGE dark web anonymously without leaving footprints.

DAGE communicates and updates all DIDs directly through DAGE devices, preventing communication breakdown. DAGE devices also function as an authenticator and VPN portal, protecting every transaction made while storing encrypted information.

DAGE also contributes towards public welfare to donate 1% of its profits to public welfare organizations around the world, supporting medical relief, sustainable health projects, and assisting vulnerable individuals.

By the end of 2020, DAGE would have at least 1000 different games. Sponsored various offline sports and games, allowing DIDs to participate in the DAGE both online and offline.

DAGE Ecosystem and global token circulation system will be revolutionize the gaming industry. DAGE aims to continue optimizing the industry by enhancing its development, and be the platform with the most number of games and largest number of users. This solved the problems of currency exchange, fairness, and DIDs fund security. This empowers the world to break the monopoly of gaming giants with new technologies, methodologies, and concepts. This allows all parties to benefit from the competitive landscape. The current gaming market has shifted from the traditional landscape to a higher-level technologically-driven landscape.

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