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Source: Auckland Council

A solo performance by Mustaq Missouri, written and directed by Melissa Laing.

“Imagine that, in the middle of a vast city, you might be so intimately connected to your community that you cannot leave your house without a serendipitous encounter.”

This is the world that our guide is dreaming of as he negotiates life after he’s made redundant.

He’s taking us on a walk through the streets and gravel lots of the town centre, showing us development sites undergoing rapid change, and helping us see the possibilities of the place differently. He wants you to dream with him.

Standing at the edge is a meditation on the relationships between property, debt, work and community as they play out on the suburban fringes of Auckland.

Our guide, Missouri, performs the story of a man balancing financial obligations against dreams of social and economic change. He’s questioning what we value and why.

Woven into the story are histories of failed and successful attempts to build alternative communities and create change through labour activism.

The performance will take place in two town centres undergoing change as Auckland expands and intensifies – North West Westgate, a town centre being built on green fields, and Te Atatu Peninsula town centre, a place that is intensifying and experiencing demographic shifts.