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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions

Source: Opinion Compare

The latest research by Opinion Compare reveals a shift in issues we feel passionate about as Kiwis focus their attention on COVID-19. When asked about the one issue they felt most passionate about, Health or Medical News has seen a dramatic increase largely at the expense of the environment.
In order to gauge an understanding of which issues were most important to people, Opinion Compare re-contacted respondents who had joined in January 2020 and answered questions about Social Issues. The comparison survey of n=188 was carried out on 17-19 March.
View Attached Table: Most important issue to Kiwis Pre-Coronavirus survey versus Coronavirus survey 
Top 3 social issues Pre-Coronvirus:
1. The Environment 32%
2. Health or Medical News 13%
3. Government and politics 11%
Top 3 issues March 2020
1. Health or Medical News 35%
2. The Environment 19%
3. Government and politics 9%
– Health or Medical news has increased significantly from 13% in the Social issues survey to 35% in the March recontact Coronavirus survey, when respondents were asked which ‘one’ issue they feel most passionate about.
– Pre-March Coronavirus survey, the number one issue respondents were most passionate about was the environment (32%), which has decreased to 19% in the March survey.
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