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Source: Opinion Compare

In an overnight Opinion Compare poll of a nationally representative sample of n=501 New Zealanders aged 18+, while there’s an overwhelming sense of fear and sadness, Kiwis are vowing to do their bit for the country with 57% vowing to buy from local business and 53% nominating they would be checking in on their neighbours. But with 16% believing they will contract the virus and 50% unsure, the population is looking for both reassurance and action.
Caution and proactive measures were seen as necessary. 96% of the population agreed that banning travel to and from other countries was a necessary measure, followed by the implementation of a financial stimulus package (92%).
To what extent do you think the following possible measures in response to the pandemic are necessary or unnecessary
– Banning travel to and from other countries 96%
– Financial stimulus package 92%
– Banning gatherings of 500+ people 88%
– Restricting access to aged care facilities 86% 
– Postponement of sporting events 85%
– Working from home 82% 
– Allocating specific times for the elderly / disabled to visit supermarkets 77%
– Supermarket rationing 77% 
– Closing schools 59% 
– Closing pubs / restaurants 57%
– Implementing a lock down 55%
The personal impact is evident with 58% of the population nominating they would be impacted by Covid-19 and an additional 11% unsure at this time. The most sought after financial relief efforts were reduction of utilities rates (68%), reduction of tax rates (62%) and a working from home allowance (49%)
To date, Kiwis are complementary about the way Jacinda Arden and her Government have responded. 63% of the population believe they have reacted appropriately to the situation, 22% believe they have underreacted, with 15% seeing an overreaction.
Utilising the 10 basic human emotions, the survey asked the Kiwi population which of the 10, they personally, were feeling at present, with close to 2 in 5 responding with fear.
Which of these emotions are you currently feeling
– Fear 35%
– Sadness 29%
– Joy 20% 
– Disgust 14%
– Contempt 13%
– Surprise 11%
– Anger 10% 
– Excitement 7%
– Shame 2%
– Guilt 1%
Gavin Male, CEO of Opinion Compare said “these results validate what we’ve all been thinking and how uncharted the path is for Kiwis. While it’s not surprising that fear and sadness are dominating our emotions, it’s encouraging that there’s a willingness to do good in the community. But as we navigate this unfamiliar path, there’s perceived financial hardship in the future and a population that’s looking for answers.”
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