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Source: Hon. Matt Robson – Immigration Lawyer and former Minister in the Labour-Alliance Government 1999-2002.

Open Letter to New Zealand Immigration Minister from Matt Robson:
Dear Iain,

Good Morning.

I note that , as expected, there are severe shortages in the agricultural/horticultural sector  and other industries , while on the other side job losses.

TVNZ reported last evening that there was a shortage of 20,000

But experience tells us that New Zealand citizens who lose jobs do not rush, or are unable to move etc,  to fill these shortages.

Our “undocumented workers and students could assist in this important economic task and the ability to feed our population and export.

There will be other sectors with shortages  that your officials will advise on.


I suggest that it is time to put in an amnesty ( even if NZF screams and throws its usual tantrums) for all those young workers and students who for often the most minor alleged infractions have visas declined or revoked.

Labour-Alliance ( on our initiative) brought in the 2000 Amnesty ( politely called a Transitional Policy ) in less difficult circumstances and it did not cause unemployment for New Zealanders- that is a false economic argument anyway which NZF and other demagogues run.


It is also time, in the international socialist  spirit that a party of the Socialist International fervently embraces,  that this on temporary visas are not thrown to the wolves but assisted as well. It is time to liberalise the mincing machine for visas that INZ has become.

We need to ensure that if jobs are lost that such workers and students have  continued access to healthcare and shelter and food.

I hope my suggestions are helpful.


Hon Matthew Robson