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Source: New Zealand Parliament – Hansard


The Speaker took the Chair at 2 p.m.



Correction—Abortion Legislation Bill

SPEAKER: Members, I need to advise the House of two corrections to the voting on Part 1 of the Abortion Legislation Bill in yesterday’s committee of the whole House. On the amendment in the name of Dr Deborah Russell on Supplementary Order Paper (SOP) 473 to amend clause 7 by inserting new section 19A, the correct vote is Ayes 19 and Noes 99. On the amendment in the name of Chris Penk on SOP 469 to amend clause 7 by amending a new section 20, the correct vote is Ayes 36 and the Noes 82.

Both these corrections are the result of one member casting his proxy vote one way and then voting another way in person. [Interruption] Order! Where a vote conflicts in this way, the vote made in person is the one counted. But I will remind members ahead of the continuation of the committee stage on this bill that they are responsible for how their vote is cast and should be certain that directions given to anyone casting a proxy are entirely clear.