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Source: Save The Children

Save the Children International (SCI) has been working in Nigeria since 2001 and is a strong, recognised
and respected voice for children’s rights. Our programmes currently support health and nutrition,
education, child protection, food security, livelihoods and social protection in both developmental and
humanitarian contexts. SCI has 10 field offices with presence in an additional 5 states.
Since 2013 SCI has been implementing the Child Development Grant Programme (CDGP) as part of our
Social Protection portifolio. CDGP is a DFID funded “Cash Plus” programme aimed at tackling the high levels
of malnutrition in Nigeria, which undermine the survival and future development of children and fuel the
intergenerational transfer of poverty. The first phase of CDGP provided unconditional cash transfers of
4,000 NGN per month to pregnant women as well as women with children under the age of two in both
Zamfara and Jigawa states. The monthly cash transfers were accompanied by behaviour change
communication (BCC) on child health and nutrition. The programme also supported evidence generation
and capacity building to enhance the implementation of social protection programmes in the
mentioned states and at the federal level. CDGP was due to close out in June 2019, however, it has
been extended to July 2021 because of the several accomplishments it recorded over the last 6 years.
During the second phase, CDGP will increase its focus on systems strengthening, evidence generation,
advocacy and capacity building with emphasis on strengthening social inclusion, particularly disability
inclusion in social protection. To effectively deliver on the disability inclusion targets in the second phase of
the program, CDGP would like to partner with an experienced and well established organization for persons
with disabilities with a presence in Nigeria and a track record of delivering effective disability programming.




Opening date: 5 March 2020

Closing date: 19 March 2020