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Source: Auckland Council

Despite a bit of drizzle in the region today, Auckland’s total fire ban remains in place and Fire and Emergency New Zealand urges Aucklanders to take extra care.

Ron Devlin, Fire and Emergency region manager, says this means no fires whatsoever, including rubbish fires. 

“We’re asking Aucklanders to take extra care,” says Mr Devlin.

“In these extremely dry conditions, just one spark can cause a scrub fire which can get out of control very fast.

“This is especially important for lifestyle block owners on the edges of Auckland and Aucklanders who live in bush fringed properties,” he says.

Mr Devlin asks people to be vigilant and if they see smoke dial 111.

“We need people to be our fire ambassadors – talk to your family and whanau, neighbours and friends about how not to start fires.  You can find plenty of information on our Fire and Emergency website.

Low water tanks add to the risk

With many people on tank supply experiencing little or no rain this summer, it is especially important that people follow the fire agency’s advice and conserve water on their property, just in case it is needed for firefighting purposes.

“Dry weather is putting pressure on Auckland’s water supply – especially for those on tank water,” says Mr Devlin.

Tanks running low, coinciding with increased dry conditions, creates an even greater fire risk and makes it more difficult for volunteer firefighters to put out a fire at your place.

Autumn won’t bring immediate relief

Mr Devlin says a lot of rain is needed to reduce the fire risk.

“Some of our biggest fires happen in Autumn, when people mistakenly think the fire risk is less – and stop being so careful or vigilant.

“Without a good amount of rain, the fire risk in March remains the same – extreme.

Visit for updates to the fire season (currently prohibited, a total fire ban).

Firewise tips

  • Avoid any outdoor activity that could cause a spark.
  • Don’t go home after work and mow your lawns or get out the chainsaw.
  • Don’t ride your motorbike through long grass or idle the car on the grassy side of the road.

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