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Source: SAFE NZ

Footage captured by activists at the Urenui rodeo on Saturday shows a breach of the rodeo code of welfare.
The footage which was passed onto SAFE yesterday shows a steer wrestling event that exceeds the rodeo code of welfare’s 30 second time limit. Steer wrestling is an event where a cowboy chases down a steer on horseback before wrestling the animal to the ground by twisting his head and neck.
The rodeo code of welfare is developed by the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) and sets the minimum standards that rodeo organisers must follow. The code states that a steer wrestling event must not exceed 30 seconds from the moment the animal leaves the chute.
SAFE spokesperson Will Appelbe says its further evidence that rodeo organisers are cruel to animals.
“The rodeo code of welfare allows organisers to conduct a lot of animal cruelty, and yet they still can’t stick to the minimum standards,” says Appelbe.
“The steer wrestling event involves a cowboy wrestling a steer to the ground by twisting its head and contorting its neck until the animal flips over. This is obviously cruel by any measure.”
“Rodeo organisers say they take animal welfare seriously, but this latest breach of the code of welfare shows otherwise.”
This is the latest incident following RNZ’s revelation last month that two bulls had been killed by rodeo ‘cowboys’ earlier in the season. The first bull was killed after his back was injured, and the second after his leg was caught in a pen. Both took place at separate events, run by the ‘Mad Bull’ rodeo club. This is the club’s first season, which is affiliated to the New Zealand Rodeo Cowboys Association.
“Rodeo ‘cowboys’ have killed two bulls this season. This follows four deaths during the last season. Even when animals aren’t killed, they’re still subjected to pain and fear for so-called ‘entertainment’”.
“If rodeo organisers can’t meet the minimum standards, their social license to operate should be revoked.”
“Prior to the 2017 election, the Labour Party campaigned on a promise to ban some of the cruellest aspects of rodeo. Now would be a good time for them to put rodeo back on their agenda.”