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Source: Auckland Council

The summer sun continues to shine down on the Auckland region, but it’s back to winter rules on Sunday 1 March for dog owners.

Time and season rules are used in popular places, during busy periods to avoid conflict between dogs and other users, Auckland Council’s Animal Management Kerri Fergusson says.

“The new season rule comes into effect on Sunday 1 March so dog owners will need to familiarise themselves with the winter definition and know their obligations.”

The winter rule means dogs are allowed off-leash (except dangerous dogs) for longer hours.

Search the council website to find a dog walking spot near you and the rules for dogs in that area.

Kerri says local boards still decide where access is permitted, and the type of access allowed.

Changes to the Dog Management Bylaw were introduced on 1 November 2019 and the council is now in the process of updating information on park signs to comply with the new bylaws.

In the meantime, always follow the rules on the council website for where you can walk your dog or call us on 09 301 0101 if you need help or are unsure about the rules in your area.