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Source: Taxpayers Union

In response to reports that 30,000 New Zealanders earning over $100,000 are taking superannuation, New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union spokesperson Casey Russell says:“It’s clear that many wealthy New Zealanders are collecting superannuation they don’t need. Most of these people are paying income tax through their noses, so it’s hard to judge them too harshly. However, if someone is already earning a fat taxpayer-funded salary, they shouldn’t be taking superannuation on top of that.”“We’re calling on politicians and top bureaucrats to give up their pensions. If they lead the way, other wealthy New Zealanders will follow suit.”“Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters is paid over $330,000 per year. Why does he need an extra $20,000 on top of that? It’s a rort.”“Then there’s the Governor General, Dame Patsy Reddy, who is paid $371,900. Would she even notice if her Super was gone? If she’s already giving up her Super, she should say so – we’ll celebrate her as a role model for other public servants.”