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Source: Auckland Council

Auckland Council held the inaugural meeting of the Value for Money Committee today in its drive to continue a focus on savings and cost-effectiveness across the council family.

Opening the meeting, Chair, Councillor Desley Simpson said:

“Value for Money is a very important committee for Auckland and unique for the council because it doesn’t spend money but looks to save and find efficiencies. It’s essential to tangibly demonstrate to our communities that the council is always providing the most cost effective and efficient delivery of its services and capital projects.

During this council term, the Value for Money programme will look to identify half a billion dollars of increased value planned in the current 10-year budget.

“This is expected to be identified by improving our planning, our procurement, the delivery of capital works and being more specific about what we are doing. The findings of this work will support the development and prioritisation of the next 10-year budget 2021-2031.

“The committee’s focus areas will, in part, be informed by the independent review of our council-controlled organisations for report back to councillors in June this year. However, improving the effectiveness of our multi-billion dollar capital programme, much of which is delivered by our CCOs, also represents a large value opportunity. The council will invest $26 billion in Auckland infrastructure over the next 10 years and we need to ensure this is done as efficiently as possible.”

Deputy Chair Councillor Tracy Mulholland continues:

“With the many challenges that Auckland faces, it is critical that its Council is delivering its services efficiently and effectively. I am proud to have been appointed deputy chair of the new Value for Money committee which is a great way to ensure that Council is delivering the world class services that a world-class city needs.”