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Source: Auckland Council

In line with water conservation efforts across the region, Auckland Council is exploring ways to reduce use of water at its facilities across the region to make savings where savings are possible.

As part of the council’s approach to reducing water usage, almost all water features and fountains have been turned off.

Splash pads have been turned off, except for at Lloyd Elsmore Park Pool and Leisure Centre and Stanmore Bay Pool and Leisure Centre at this time. Both these splash pads filter, treat and reuse water.

“These splash pads are efficient in their use of water – up to 99 per cent of the water is treated and recycled.

“We are monitoring the water situation across Auckland carefully and the council has reduced the number of sites which offer this service to two high use sites in order to continue this valued service to Aucklanders,” says Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore.

Drinking fountains at council facilities will remain on for people to use while in our parks.

Irrigation to continue in sports parks

To ensure we have sports field provision during winter months, essential irrigation at these sites may still have to take place.

“The impact of not watering our sports fields would be catastrophic and we would need to close fields for a minimum of six weeks, impacting on winter sport use for April and May,” Cashmore says.

“We are currently watering our fields just enough to keep them alive and to prevent turf loss. We are fortunate that we are currently in cricket season which has a low impact on the surfaces, but as we move into football and rugby season, we need to ensure we keep grass cover to prevent us from having to close fields because of the loss of grass.”

Gardens throughout the region are watered only as required and the bare minimum of water used to reduce the risk of plants dying.

The council is also asking sports clubs and members to be mindful when using dry fields to prevent any further damage.