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Source: Taxpayers Union

The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is perplexed at the prospect of the continued funding of homeopathy courses by the government and is calling on the Minister of Education Chris Hipkins to immediately cease any further funding to the subject.
In the latest issue of North & South, Jonathan Harper delves deep into the folly of publicly funded Homeopathy. The practice is archaic and when used as an alternative to legitimate medicines, Harper calls it ‘not only irresponsible, but downright dangerous.
The Minister of Education confirms that the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy received $205,000 from the Tertiary Education Commission in 2019 in aid of its courses, as well as an additional $49,000 for animal homeopathy. Further taxpayer funding is provided under the First-Year-Free initiative.
The New Zealand Ministry Of Health does not fund homeopathy programs due to a lack of credible studies proving its positive impact on healthcare. Minister David Clarke claims there is ‘insufficient evidence for the alternative medicine having any benefits.’
Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Jordan Williams says, “The Government is making taxpayers complicit in teaching young people to be snake oil salesmen. This harms New Zealanders seeking effective treatments for their ailments, and it threatens the reputation of our public education system.”
Answering questions from Dr Shane Reti during Question Time late last year, Minister Chris Hipkins said “[it has] not been the case at any point…that validating the science is a component of quality assurance or funding approval.”
“If scientific validity doesn’t matter to the Minister, should we expect to see taxpayer-funded classes in flat Earth theory?” says Mr Williams.
“You work hard, you pay your taxes, and the Government wastes it on some hippy to learn about homeopathy potions for animals.  There are just so many more important things needing money right now.”