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Source: New Zealand Ministry of Health

There continues to be no suspected or confirmed cases of novel coronavirus in New Zealand.

The Ministry’s priority for the 157 guests currently in isolation at Whangaparāoa Reception Centre is ensuring their welfare and wellbeing.

Following the standard daily health checks on the guests at the centre, swabs were taken from four people yesterday as a precautionary measure.

None of those swabbed fitted the definition of a suspected case of novel Coronavirus and all four tests were negative for novel Coronavirus.

“It’s really important to stress this was a precautionary measure and I’m pleased to say those swab results have come back negative,” says the Ministry’s Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

“I can tell you everyone at the centre has settled in and we’re in constant communication with all our guests at the centre to ensure we offer everyone the most up to date support and advice available.

“For other people who’ve self-isolated as a result of their travel to China, it’s important to remind them of Healthline’s new register. Registering will help those in self-isolation as much as it helps us – it will mean we can regularly check on people’s welfare and wellbeing as well as helping support New Zealand’s overall response to novel coronavirus.

“I’m told the uptake from those wishing to register has been strong and I know Healthline will be holding a media stand-up tomorrow afternoon with more details from the register’s first full weekend.

“The Ministry of Health is working on a daily basis we’re working with other government departments and agencies involved in the response to novel coronavirus. We also continuing to update and provide advice to other public facing sectors, whether that be our border agencies, tourism industry, local government or the Taxi Federation,” says Dr Bloomfield. 

The Ministry is regularly updating its information on the Novel coronavirus page and providing information on its Facebook page.