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Source: Auckland Council

A 66-meter-long rock revetment has been constructed on the western side of Cockle Bay beach to reduce severe coastal erosion.

The revetment, consisting of rock weighing between 300kg and 1tonne, dissipates wave energy, reducing the height of the waves reflecting eastward toward the beach that were contributing to the erosion.

Howick Local Board Chair Adele White says the work will significantly improve people’s experience at the popular beach.

“It’s a real summer treat. The improvements have changed the face of the beach and we are glad people will be able to enjoy it even more.”

In January 2018, a severe storm resulted in large sections of the beachfront being gouged out, leaving the roots of several pōhutukawa exposed, and putting the road and a toilet block at risk.

The temporary rock armour that had been placed to protect the pōhutukawa trees after a severe storm in January 2018 has now been removed and a re-aligned revetment has been constructed in its place, connecting to the adjacent seawall with a concrete nib wall.

The eroded area was reinstated with grass and the adjacent parking bays were reformed.

100m3 of sand was replenished to the beachfront using sand sourced from the eastern end of Cockle Bay beach and an existing concrete ramp was extended to improve pedestrian access directly onto the beach.

“The board has a busy year ahead with a lot of exciting ongoing and upcoming projects and we are proud to deliver what our community expects,” says Adele.