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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions

Source: Business Central

Business and all New Zealanders have a lot to thank former Prime Minister and Trade Minister Mike Moore for, says Wellington Chamber of Commerce and Business Central.
“Mr Moore was in many ways ahead of his time when it came to New Zealand trading with the world.
“The work he did both as Trade Minister and Director-General of the World Trade Organisation paved the way for the free trade systems that our economy relies so heavily on today,” says Chief Executive John Milford.
“His support for CER, the proposed free trade agreement with Australia, in the face of opposition by most in his own party in the 1980s, helped establish what would become, until very recently, our most important and most lucrative trade partnership.
“Exporters across central New Zealand, and particularly our primary produce exporters, still benefit greatly from the work he did then.
“He saw clearly what others couldn’t, and was relentless in driving and then maintaining ongoing trade relationships with other countries, whether it be at government level or by way of many trade missions he led.
“New Zealand would be a poorer place today were it not for the perseverance and skill of Mike Moore.”