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Source: New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Safe Travel

Samoa: Coronavirus Preventative Measures

Preventative measures in Samoa

As of 23 January 2020, Samoan authorities have implemented travel restrictions in response to the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak in China. The following preventative measures apply to all travellers to Samoa:

  • All travellers to Samoa are required to undergo medical clearance at least three (3) days before travelling to Samoa to confirm that they are free of any infectious diseases.
  • All travellers from 2019 novel coronavirus affected countries must spend at least 14 days in a country free of 2019 novel coronavirus and undergo medical clearance prior to travel to Samoa.

If in the event you arrive within the 14 day period, health quarantine measures will be applied and deportation to the country of travel origin will be considered.


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