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The start of a new decade has seen a stronger resolution from the New Zealand population with 29% declaring at least one New Year’s resolution; up from the 20% of the population who vowed to change something in their life back in 2019. Furthermore, 13% are still planning on setting resolutions. And, if those setting themselves resolutions match their performance in 2019 over two thirds will keep their resolutions, as 71% stuck to their promises in 2019.
In a January survey of n=523 New Zealanders, research from leading Online Market Research agency Opinion Compare also identified the top goals people set with personal health at the top of the list
1 Eating a healthier diet 
2 Exercising more 
3 Saving money 
4 Working on the house (e.g. organising, decluttering, etc.) 
5 Spending time with family/friends 
6 Travel 
7 Progress in career 
8 Learn a new skill/hobby 
9 Making a budget or improving it 
10 Something else 
11 Cutting down on alcohol 
12 Invest in the stock market 
13 Looking for better deals on household bills, expenses, etc. 
14 Quit smoking
The Kiwis who are most likely to set themselves goals are females and the 25-44 year old cohort. Although males were much more likely to have completed their resolutions in the previous year.
Despite strong will, the average Kiwi was still looking for assistance when it comes to their New Year resolutions. When asked which of the most popular resolutions they would need help in achieving, it’s the most popular goals
1 Exercising more 
2 Eating a healthier diet 
3 Saving money 
4 Learn a new skill/hobby 
5 Invest in the stock market 
6 Working on the house (e.g. organising, decluttering, etc.) 
7 Travel 
8 Making a budget or improving it 
9 Progress in career 
10 Spending time with family/friends 
11 Looking for better deals on household bills, expenses, etc. 
12 Cutting down on alcohol 
13 Something else 
14 Quit smoking
Gavin Male, Managing Director, said “Kiwis are built of strong stuff so it’s amazing to see that of the 1 in 5 Kiwis who set themselves a New Year resolution in 2019, 71% achieved that, which bodes well for their 2020 goals and aspirations. This research also shows that while what we want to achieve hasn’t changed much, there is an appetite for getting help with goals, whether that’s your health, your finances or sorting out the little things like getting better deals or budgeting. The spike in visitation to Broadband Compare in January reflects that – it’s a time when people want to get better value and better deals”
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