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Source: New Zealand Treasury:

The BPS 2020 is the first document in the Budget 2020 cycle and will be released conjointly with the Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update (HYEFU) 2019.

Documents will be released progressively here on the Treasury website from 1pm 11 December 2019, in this order:

  • HYEFU 2019 (PDF, MS Excel files only) and BPS 2020 (PDF, MS Excel files, HTML) by 1.02pm
  • HYEFU 2019 Updates (Fiscal Strategy Model and New Zealand Superannuation Fund Model) and HYEFU Basics 2019 by 1.05pm
  • HYEFU 2019 (HTML version) at 4pm Friday 13 December 2019

HYEFU 2019 and BPS 2020 will also be released on the Budget website at 1pm 11 December 2019:

Details of the domestic borrowing programme will be released on the NZ Debt Management website: