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Source: NZSTA

The New Zealand School Trustees Association is giving the thumbs up to the government’s announcement of between $50,000 and $400,000 per school for immediate repairs and upgrades to school property, saying it will help to ease the load for schools right across the country.
“Most schools around the country have a list of things waiting to be done when the money is available. It will come as a huge relief to schools around the country to be able to progress that work,” says NZSTA President Lorraine Kerr.
“For the first time since boards of trustees took over responsibility for school property 30 years ago, it is starting to look as if the government is really seeing and hearing the reality that schools have struggled with.
“Students have told us that when their school grounds and buildings are in poor condition it impacts on their learning and their emotional wellbeing. Boards have told us that they and their principals have had to spend too much time trying to manage property issues. This announcement tells us that these messages are finally being heard,” says Ms Kerr.
Minister Hipkins referred to the extra spending as “a well-deserved early Christmas present for school communities”. We need to acknowledge that this kind of investment is a gift that keeps on giving. The improvements we make to our school property as a result of this spending will not only benefit the students and staff currently at the school, it will raise the standard for future students as well.
The government announcement is a great way for boards of trustees to go into the new school year.