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Source: New Zealand Parliament – Hansard


The Speaker took the Chair at 2 p.m.



End of Life Choice BillAllocation of Calls

SPEAKER: Members, before we move to questions, I just want to give an indication with regard to the End of Life Choice Bill debate, third reading. I have received a note from a member with some advice from a particular group from a particular party as to the allocation of calls. If I took that advice and was balanced, it would mean that no one else with that point of view or from that party would get a 10-minute call. Therefore, I’m not prepared to accept that advice. But as guidance, I want to indicate that I will attempt, through the debate, to get balance on an issue, to be even-handed around the House, and to give some preference to people who have shown leadership on the issue during the period, who worked hard on the select committee. I will take into account those who have already had calls at the earlier readings of the bill. I will have regard to seniority in the House. I will have regard to attendance during the debate and the fact that people have been seeking the call. I will give preference to people who have indicated that they would prefer a five-minute as opposed to a 10-minute speech, but I will allocate on the basis that early speakers in the debate will receive 10 minutes unless they have indicated to me that they would prefer five minutes, and people should do that by way of note.