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Source: Taxpayers Union

Despite Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones’s claims he is “incredibly disappointed” that Jetstar is pulling out of the regions, the Taxpayers’ Union can reveal that the self proclaimed ‘champion of the regions’ has not flown with Jetstar once since becoming the Minister.Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Jordan Williams says, “After Shane Jones claimed Jetstar was ‘selling the trans-Tasman relationship short’ for shutting down its regional services, we asked what he’s done to support those services while criss-crossing the country as Minister for Regional Development.” “Twenty-one days after our original information request, Shane Jones’ office has now confirmed he has not flown with Jetstar once since he was elected in 2017. It seems Mr Jones is too good for cattle class.” “If politicians insist on using the swanky airline for all their taxpayer-funded travel, they can’t cry crocodile tears when the budget option scales back services.” “We’re calling on Shane Jones and all MPs to save money by using Jetstar for travel. The Government’s massive travel budget could have quite an impact on Jetstar’s capacity to serve the regions that Mr Jones claims to champion.”