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Source: Whangarei District Council

The page contains a news story about new rubbish bins with built-in compactor, being installed at Matapouri.

Updated: 23/10/2019 9:53 a.m.

​The first step towards improving facilities for visitors at Matapouri is almost complete.

Infrastructure Planning & Capital Works Manager, Shelley Wharton said Whangarei District Council has been working on the project in partnership with Te Whanau a Rangiwhakaahu Hapu to look at ways to improve council infrastructure to assist with for high visitor numbers while looking after the precious natural environment.


Members of Te Whānau ā Rangiwhakaahu hapū celebrate news of a $1.1 million grant from Government’s Tourism Infrastructure Fund to develop visitor facilities at Matapōuri.

This weekend new, internetconnected solar powered compacting rubbish bins will be installed, along with a summer time glass recycling bin facility (Oct – Apr), near the shop on the way to the beach.

The new Council-branded bins feature an outer shell that holds a wheelie bin. After people put rubbish in the bin, a compactor arm squashes it down, allowing for much more rubbish to be collected in each bin. When the bin is full it sends an electronic signal to the bin operator to swap in an empty one.

Compacting allows the equivalent of 600 litres of rubbish to be squashed into a 120-litre space, and during the summer, the bins will be collected twice a week.

Council’s Solid Waste Engineer, David Lindsay, said Council had been looking at introducing compacting bins in public areas for some time.

“These bins have been implemented successfully by Ashburton District Council, and many cities around the world are turning to smart bin technology to increase waste collection efficiency”

“When people take rubbish to an ordinary bin and find it full, some people leave the rubbish beside the bin. It can add up to quite a lot of rubbish in summer when there are lots of visitors. These bins will take much more waste and keep the area tidier, and prevent loose, dumped rubbish from blowing into the environment.”

The new bins are being funded out of a $1.115 million Tourism Infrastructure Funding grant made to Whangarei District Council in July 2019. Also on the 20 month programme to be worked through with Te Whanau a Rangiwhakaahu Hapu and the wider community are beach restoration, new public toilets, improved beach access, signs and carpark improvements.