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Source: New Zealand Police

NZ Police wish to clarify that cartridges filled with steel or lead shot are not prohibited.  They may still be used under the Arms (Prohibited Ammunition) Order 2019 as shotgun cartridges are specifically excluded from the prohibition order.

Duck shooters and other hunters can continue to use cartridges filled with lead or steel shot. For more information, the order can be found here:

This week an amendment to the Firearms Prohibition order confirmed that shot cartridges fired from low calibre rimfire firearms are also not prohibited. Often referred to as Birdshot, these cartridges are used in the killing of small pest species where the use of poison is unsafe.

Police can confirm that enhanced penetrating ammunition with a steel or tungsten carbide penetrator is prohibited as it penetrates body armour and helmets and has no legitimate civilian use.  Duck shooting cartridges do not fall within this definition.


Issued by Police Media Centre.