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Half of women in New Zealand are more interested in starting their own business than working for someone else + Women in business face challenges of balancing family, budget and work when starting a business + Female founder of The Gift Curator encourages women not to let the perceived challenges stop their dream of launching a business.

Half (47%) of women in New Zealand are more interested in starting their own business than working for someone else[1]. Yet, only 21% of New Zealand start-ups are founded by women[2].

Perceived risks such access to money (51%) are the biggest barriers for women when starting a business, followed by the pay gap. In the past decade, New Zealand female entrepreneurs earned 32% less than their male counterparts1.

Founder of The Gift Curator, Jenny Collins, is taking the plunge into female entrepreneurship and believes that women can become successful business owners whilst juggling family, work and a start-up business.  

“I had to learn how to manage my time with my family as well as organise our family savings so that I could build my business. I had to make some sacrifices along the way, but my family supported me at every step,” she says.

Whilst juggling finances and time with her family, Jenny put a little money aside every payday to build her business by buying another product to build her catalogue.

“I started The Gift Curator by purchasing a product one week at a time. I spent hours researching products, understanding their value and how they would work in my Gift Boxes. I wanted the boxes to have a personal touch, but also be stylish and simple.

“I had many sleepless nights as I had to find ways to break through the minimum order quantities needed by some suppliers.

“The concept of The Gift Curator was born from a desire to make gifting meaningful. I want to make it easy for busy people to give something uniquely special, that isn’t just chocolates or alcohol,” Jenny says.

Launching this week, The Gift Curator takes away the hours of searching for the perfect gift. Through hand-picked, personalised Gift Boxes, the online boutique accommodates those who are short on time but still want that personal and meaningful touch to their gift.

By catering to all personal and corporate gifting, The Gift Curator realises a long-term vision and innovates the way we gift. To learn more, visit

Jenny encourages women not to let the financial challenges or other perceived risks get in the way of their dream to become an entrepreneur. “You never know if you’ll be successful or not, but it won’t hurt to try,” she says.