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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions
Source: Minto for Mayor – John Minto

Mayoral contender Darrell Park agreed to a feasibility study for running free public transport in Christchurch at the Generation Zero public debate on climate change this evening. He was not able to commit further until he saw the figures and knew the financial implications.

When Leanne Dalziel was invited to comment she skirted the question and took the conversation up a garden path.

Both Lianne Dalziel and Darrell Park were asked to consider a feasibility study and trial of free public transport by myself in an email sent this morning.

I’m pleased Darrell Park has been open to looking seriously at this key environmental issue which is a hot topic of discussion globally as a key way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

I hope Lianne Dalziel will make the same commitment before voting papers are sent out.