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Source: SAFE NZ

A global campaign launched this week towards the Wyndham group of companies urges the hotel and tourism empire to ditch cruel cage eggs.
After committing to a cage-free policy in 2017, the Wyndham Hotel Group went back on its promise following a company restructure. The restructure split the company into two entities: Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and Wyndham Destinations, both of which removed the cage-free policy from their website.
Animal rights organisation SAFE is now demanding the hotel and tourism giant recommit to a global cage-free policy across all its brands and companies. SAFE is a member of the Open Wing Alliance, a global coalition of 55 animal protection organisations, that has launched a joint campaign against Wyndham.
Wyndham Destinations has recently announced a cage-free policy for New Zealand and Australia, but SAFE Corporate Campaigns Coordinator Jessica Chambers says that policy needs to go global.
“Wyndham broke its promise to ditch cruel cage eggs, and we’ll only accept a global cage-free policy,” says Ms. Chambers.
“The hotel brand has acted dishonestly and has let down animal lovers worldwide. We know that hens suffer when they’re confined to cruel cages. They each have less than the space of an A4 sheet of paper and are barely able to open their wings. It’s an appalling way to treat an animal.”
Many of Wyndham’s leading competitors have cage-free commitments in place. The list includes Hilton Group, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotel Group and Best Western. In December 2018, the Open Wing Alliance launched a global campaign against Marriott International after the Alliance found the company had failed to follow through with its 2017 cage-free commitment. Marriott released a new cage-free policy two days into the Alliance’s global campaign.
“Wyndham is falling behind while brushing its responsibilities under the rug. Businesses worldwide are phasing out the use of cage eggs because of customer demand. It’s only a matter of time before the cruel confinement of hens will be history.”
“We’re demanding a commitment and timeline from Wyndham to go 100% cage free for all shell, liquid and ingredient eggs globally by 2025, across all of its brands and companies,” says Ms. Chambers.
SAFE is New Zealand’s leading animal rights organisation.
We’re working towards a world where animals are understood and respected in such a way that they are no longer exploited, abused or made to suffer.
– In 2017, Wyndham Hotel Group releases a global cage-free commitment, pledging that all Wyndham Hotels and its brands will source all shell, liquid and ingredient eggs from cage-free hens only by 2025.
– June 1, 2018, Wyndham Hotel Group is dissolved and restructured as two separate companies; now Wyndham Hotels & Resorts (9,157 properties) and Wyndham Destinations (213 properties).
– In late 2018, we discover the cage-free policy has disappeared, both Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and Wyndham Destinations website have removed all traces of the policy.
– In 2019, the Open Wing Alliance reaches out to Wyndham leadership from both companies asking for an explanation – no response is given. The hotel company has it seems ditched its cage-free policy.
– SAFE is a member of the Open Wing Alliance, a global coalition that brings together 55 animal protection groups to create a unified front in the shared campaign to free egg-laying hens from cages.